Christmas Pudding

Christmas Pudding weigh up
Myrtle’s pudding recipe has vanished…or at least is tucked away somewhere I haven’t discovered yet…
so this year’s pudding is a breakaway in a basin. It’s a pale imitation in more ways than one…I used golden raisins which I had on hand for a walnut cake recipe and they gleam brightly instead of melting mysteriously into the mix. It was a huge amount & had to be divided into a larger & smaller basin.
Tying the covers of paper & foil over the tops with string proved the trickiest part of the procedure with both Ian & I struggling to fit them (the baking paper wasn’t quite wide enough)…and both of us wishing I’d put the mixture in a rag as usual & hoping for the rainy weather to stop while it seasoned. Anyway,now they’re done,some other Christmas cooking can be contemplated.
finished Xmas puddings

Meantime our summer veggie garden is beginning to bear fruit (garlic & some onions harvested) and we had the first medley of our beautiful Lebanese eggplant & lime green zucchini. Yum!
first summer veg from the garden

Luckily we’ve snatched a few delicious fresh apricots down in the bottom corner away from the baby Wattle bird…the mulberries have been a great decoy for the Currawong baby and all the Silvereyes and now for this boofy baby too- mostly keeping them away from the other ripening fruit… and the mulberries are continuing to ripen in a second flush.

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