Summer Abundance

Summer abundance-redcurrants & cherries
Glistening jewels of redcurrants & drooping clusters of ruby red cherries in our best harvest in years led me on the path of distraction (from the more pressing task of Christmas cooking) to deciding what to do amongst this ephemeral glimpse of plenty.
Fruit dillemas-spoilt for choice
Jane Grigson to the rescue and some more delightful tangents…reminders of an Austrian redcurrant Tart cooked long ago…and internet diversionary searches …till deciding on some redcurrant tarts which could be frozen for later.baking blind
So this time a sweet shortcrust (3 heaped teaspoons icing sugar added to my usual) and a filling made with brown sugar,eggs and cream.
400gms redcurrants, 2eggs, 4 Tablespoons brown sugar, 100mls heavy cream.
They look pretty…hope they taste good too.
redcurrant tarts

As for the cherries…made a clafouti and found a bookmarked recipe for a cherry cake in Ursula Ferrigno’s ‘Italian Cakes and Desserts’ still not made….Before the glut of sour cherries I’ve brandied the last of our sweet cherries for the store cupboard.
more brandied cherries

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avid reader,garden lover and curious cook...recently taken up knitting.
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